Rowpoint has developed training and coaching specifically for the Tech Industry, software companies,

The Tech industry has some unique challenges: since 2011, Rowpoint has worked with lots of software, consulting, and hardware firms throughout the world in helping them lead their organizations. We have created some of the most unique training and coaching practices specifically designed for the tech industry.

We are the only company in the nation to understand the challenges of the your business and have designed training solutions to help you solve them. We are trained in SCRUM, Agile Methodologies and have had experience working with tech firms to incorporate corporate strategy and modern management solutions in combination with SCRUM or Agile.

Since 2011, we have conducted thousands of hours of tech training for Executives, Managers, and corporate employees. We take lots of pride in becoming partners with our tech clients and look forward to building more leaders in the industry.

Past Training provided to tech firms

  • Management for Techies
  • Time management for Techies
  • Team building for Techies
  • Executive Retreat for tech Executives
  • Conflict management for Techies
  • Cost management for Techies
  • DISC for Techies
  • Public Speaking for Techie