Rowpoint offers a 2 Day Business Leader Immersion Program we call CEO Academy. Our CEO Academy is designed to ignite and recharge current business owners, entrepreneurs, and business executives. This 2 Day workshop enhances the skill-sets of each executive in an environment of shared curriculum led by Rowpoint’s Coaches and Master Trainers.
Rowpoint specializes in focused and measured growth for organizations. Participants learn to lead change using new Leadership skills. These Leadership skills begin to mold a team by creating a culture of efficiencies while improving the acumen and mindset of each executive. As an option, after your workshop, each participant teams with a Rowpoint Accountability Coach to make the learning permanent and to reach goals they have set.

During the two –day seminar(workshop)
Rowpoint CEO Academy participant’s go through a series of real life learning experiences focused on improving their executive performance
Rowpoint CEO Academy participant’s are exposed to different models which enhance overall team and individual production, team management and relationship efficiencies.
Participants will align themselves with their current workplace culture.
Rowpoint CEO Academy participant’s leave the event with a new understanding of how to build their next team and improve the performance of their current team.
Rowpoint CEO Academy participant’s learn from other executives through their experiences.

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