Manage Profit and Loss Without Sacrificing Your Subordinates

What is it?

Rowpoint exclusive workshop. In a short time, your managers will  understand the bottom line impact of their role and company objectives. We use case studies and actual balance sheets to help managers make decisions and get desired outcomes using strategy, leadership, accounting and finance framework including game theory. Our proven methodology, business communication and decision making process can benefit any business manager from front line managers, mid-level managers and even executive managers. The Management Fundamentals business manager workshop series consists of 10 – 2.5 hour business workshops / seminars which “Manage Profit and Loss Without Sacrificing Your Subordinates or Employees” is one of the 2.5 hour business management workshops.

business management training program

Outcomes: After the workshop

  • Ownership of team and projects
  • Better understanding of executive process
  • Understand budgets & resources for cost cutting
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better team retention


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