Here is how RowPoint creates change with our executive business training and coaching clients.

business executive training and coaching

Inside the red box represents a systems thinking approach to helping companies with their managers, business executives or sales people.

Training in combination of coaching mixed with updating the companies policies (most companies policies conflict with driving change or sales etc) is what creates mega results in a short period of time. (notice the arrow points back and forth- this means its not linear- one then other, it could be, we will first start with coaching, then help with policy, then train after, or any of the combination) the color represents time. ” it takes time to create real long lasting change in behavior and skills” there is no 1 day or 4 hour, or 1 minute manager fix. those are gimmicks.

We do this work with all levels of leadership- front line managers to executive leadership. the word leadership outside the red is leadership creates culture that drives real results that are sustainable. We call it “driving culture”.
The words, knowledge, skill, attitude with attitude having the biggest # is because Attitude is the #1 item needed for any new learning. Skills and knowledge is almost insignificant. this is important because IF a manager or executive doesnt care for the change or doesn’t believe they need it, nothing or not much is going to happen. Our entire curriculum is designed to change attitudes first, then teach knowledge and develop skills. – all using training coaching and looking at the company as our model.

RowPoint travels internationally to provide our business executive leadership retreats, business owner / CEO Academy, sales and sales management trainings and professional speaking and confidence building courses as well as throughout the US, Canada and in our own back yard of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland in Washington and Oregon.

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