Common Traits of the Best Companies to Work For

You have probably seen the lists of the best places to work, they are released yearly and some are released multiple times a year. Some companies always seem to be a guarantee to make the list. For instance, if you were to look at a list for best companies to work for here in the Seattle area you would find Amazon showing on a number of lists. The companies that seem to consistently make these lists actually have some things in common.

What are these common traits? What is it that makes employees happy with their work environment? No, it isn’t the paycheck; many of the attributes of a great workplace are actually not material perks.

These three characteristics are most commonly found in companies that consistently make the best places to work lists.

Career Development

The best places to work offer ways for their employees to move up in the company with on-the-job training, career development, mentoring, and job rotation. These companies have been found to offer nearly twice the amount of advancement opportunities as companies that do not make the list at all.

Succession Planning Strategy

Companies that retain happy employees have programs that lay out specific job paths or succession planning strategies within the company. Employees appreciate knowing there is an opportunity for promotion and that those opportunities are achievable for all employees who are interested. Employees that see reachable milestones and promotion opportunity are more confident in their workplace.

Everyone’s Ideas Have Value

Ideas are encouraged, listened to and taken into consideration from all employees not just from those in senior management. Meetings and events where all employees from the newest to upper management collaborate to brainstorm are a regular occurrence.

To sum it all up- the companies who have made the best places to work over and over again don’t need to run on large budgets and give the biggest bonus packages. These companies focus on creating opportunities and job growth for current employees resulting in more satisfied employees and a better work environment.

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