Eliminate annual performance reviews…  instead try this.

Annual reviews have become a staple of corporate identity for as long as I can remember. Everyone knows the employees and managers don’t care for it and makes no real difference to production or morale. Yet, old bad habits are hard to break like smoking cigarettes.  You may even ask yourself, what would I do with all that free time now that you no longer have annual reviews to write up, and set-up appointments with your subordinates.  My suggestion would be to be proactive with your coaching of your team like quarterly dental visits. Every month, get with each of your employees for 15-30 minutes and go over these three questions.

Where are you going?  This question deals with your subordinates vision, goals and priorities as part of the organization and your team. Your goal is to listen attentively and then engage your subordinate on where they should be going. By the end of this discussion two types of alignment should have been achieved:
1) The vision, goals and priorities of your part of the organization should be aligned with your leader’s vision of the larger organization
2) The individual goals of you and your leader should be aligned.  You will also allow  “big picture” thinking and more personal ownership of the organization is likely to follow.

What is going well? One key element of effective coaching is providing positive recognition for achievement. Providing an assessment of what you and the organizations are doing well.  This allows more positive feedback on the performance of the team member, the team overall and departments are doing. This will empower your subordinate to play more active role in the organization.

What suggestions do you have for me? By asking this question, you change the dynamics of the coaching process. Traditional coaching is sometimes thought of as a one-way monologue that focuses on, “Let me tell you what you can do to improve.” The best coaching is a two-way conversation with mutual cooperation. Your subordinate will be much more willing to be coached by you if they feel included regularly and consistently.

Consistently coaching, training and communicating with your employees is the key to drive higher levels of performance.

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