What is it?

Each Rowpoint Executive Leadership Retreat is uniquely customized, private, destination experience for Executives.  Through your two full day agenda, our team of experienced coaches and facilitators help reveal and resolve key objectives set before the event by the Rowpoint Team. Each individual executive has a unique opportunity to gain from the group and contribute to the group in ways they usually, never thought possible. Using our own proprietary Rowpoint Dialogic Process and being Executives ourselves, we help drive synergy, identification of gaps including leadership gaps, communication gaps, relationship gaps and many topics which address current production along with guidance on how to increase production. Each Rowpoint Executive Leadership Retreat event is customized to the unique challenges and demands of your organization. The retreat isn’t a “club med” for executives. Each day is usually 12-18 hour days filled with the Executives being challenged and pushed beyond their own comfort zone.  Every event includes a team chosen activity that creates permanent learning. Prepare yourself for noticeable, measured change and results once you have booked your Rowpoint Executive Leadership Retreat.


  • Enhance leadership Influence
  • Overcome current challenges
  • Promote synergy amongst other executives
  • Learn to engage employees and turn them into high productive and happy employees
  • Learn frame work that stimulate alignment and effective corporate culture
  • Identify leadership gaps and develop professional development plan

Who should attend?

  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • Business Owners
  • Executives

Rowpoint Executive Leadership Retreat Outline/Agenda

Two full days (typical retreat day is 12 hours)

High impact team building group activity on day one (sample activities of past: bungee jumping, Ferrari racing, horse racing, snow mobile obstacle course, dude ranch activities, K-1 racing)

Corporate Business Executives and Small Business Owners and CEO’s may also be interested in our CEO Academy. Contact RowPoint to discuss which Leadership Seminar Program best fits your organizations needs. 

Email us at info@rowpoint.com for more information!