Rowpoint training and coaching established in 2011 in Irvine, California. The founder, Faiyaz Farouk created a solution focusing on Executive teams in the tech industry (at first) that needed enhanced leadership, culture, behavioral tools to scale their organization. Since then, the company enhanced to provide management development and coaching, sales development and coaching and the first and most unique public speaking training in the world. Rowpoint has conducted training, coaching and consulting around the globe: such places like Dubai, Thailand, Fiji Islands, Saudi Arabia, India, and Singapore.

Rowpoint currently offers Leadership development, Management development, sales, sales management training, and public speaking training and coaching to companies with $5M to $300M in annual revenues. Rowpoint is the only organization in the world to offer a very unique leadership retreat that includes assessments, post-retreat coaching, consulting, strategy and organizational development. Rowpoint is the first company to require the sales manager to engage in their own sales management workshop. Rowpoint is the only company that has designed a public speaking program that uses real mock actors and is over a 30 day period. Rowpoint also focuses on systems thinking as a means to solve talent challenges in organizations.

Since 2011, Rowpoint has been using various assessment tools like DISC, 360 evaluations, and other management assessments. These tools focus on understanding individual behaviors which assist us with coaching and training our clients.